Why You Need a Backpack with RFID Protection

"Meet Dan. Dan likes to fold his socks into thirds. He washes his dishes twice–first with the dishwasher, and second, manually. Before going to bed, he makes sure that one particular light by the kitchen counter stays on. 

He is what one considers as fussy. Dan loves to travel, too. He packs neatly. 

He is particular about where he keeps his valuables, especially his Amex credit card. 

The rate of electronic pickpocketing incidents has been increasing. So, he wraps an aluminum foil around his card and tucks it in his bag, hidden beneath layers of clothing to be safe."

There is an easier way to be protected from electronic pickpockets. People like Dan can opt for a backpack with RFID Protection. 

RFID in Simpler Terms

Radio-frequency Identification or RFID is a technology for easier data transmission and collection. It was first used in World War II by the Americans, British, Germans, and Japanese. It warned them of planes from miles away that were headed toward their bases. 

At the time, they could not identify if an incoming plane was an ally. RFID gave very limited information. After enhancements over the years, it is now one of the best technologies ever invented.

Data collection through RFID is similar to barcoding. A barcode is found on a label attached to a product. This barcode holds an encoded information of the product. 

To retrieve that data, a barcode machine is placed right in front of the product label and scans it. 

For RFID, information is also stored in a tag or smart label. Unlike barcoding, however, an RFID reader uses radiowaves. 

This means the reader can collect data without being placed directly in front of the smart label. It can even capture data from as far as 1,500 feet.

Data collection from afar is now possible, but it is also a growing concern for many. People are becoming more vulnerable to electronic pickpocketing, which is information theft through RFID scanners. Fortunately, RFID protection can shield people from information theft. 

How RFID Protection Works

There are many products made with RFID protection. For instance, a backpack with RFID protection offers protection entirely within the bag or in selected pockets. A person can then place his valuables where they are protected. 

This protection can be made out of materials like aluminum foil. The material either absorbs or reflects electromagnetic and radiowaves. 

It interferes with the card’s and reader’s abilities to communicate information. This prevents information from being captured.

Advantages of a Backpack with RFID Protection

There are benefits to choosing a backpack with RFID protection or smart backpack. First, it reduces the possibility of electronic pickpocketing. Cashless transactions have become popular because keeping cash poses many dangers. 

However, electronic pickpocketing has made cashless transactions just as vulnerable. By switching to a backpack with RFID protection or smart backpack, the possibility of theft is reduced. 

Second, it is efficient. A smart backpack not only protects people from digital information theft. 

Some smart backpacks offer more like protection from physical theft, device-charging capabilities, and water-resistant capabilities. This product is definitely worth every penny.

Finally, a smart backpack is versatile. It is suitable for short and long trips. By switching to this product, one can finally travel with peace of mind.

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