Smart Backpack Features You Need for Urban Travel in 2024

Smart Backpack Features You Need for Urban Travel in 2024

New year, new travel goals! Whatever the destination, a backpack is undeniably one of the best travel bags to have. It’s just really convenient, plus it’s easy to store in your overhead compartment.

It can be flexible, stylish, and comfortable. What’s more, it can also be smart and secure!

Preparing for a trip and looking for the perfect smart travel backpack? Here are the features that you should look for.


Your smart backpack will be carrying not just your clothes, but also your important travel documents. You might also be the kind of traveller who takes his laptop or tablet with him. You definitely don’t want those to get wet and ruined! 

A waterproof backpack won’t just protect you from the rain. It will also protect your belongings from accidental splashes.

USB Charging Function

Imagine having a dead phone battery in a foreign city. You won’t be able to access the map and translator apps you have saved on your phone. 

Consider a smart travel backpack with a USB charging port feature. 

You won’t need to carry your power bank with your hands while on travel. Leave your power bank inside your bag, connect your phone through the USB charging port or cable. You can explore the city conveniently.

Straps with Hidden Pockets

The hidden pockets are where you can safely and easily store items with sensitive data such as IDs and credit cards. It is also perfect for travel cards such as train passes. You no longer have to take off your bag to get your cards because the concealed strap pockets are easier to access.

Anti-theft Design

Urban travel is fun, but you have to keep your personal belongings safe from pickpockets too especially when you are in an unfamiliar city. A smart travel backpack with an anti-theft design not only has concealed compartments. It also has a locking feature combination to keep away unwanted access.

Pickpockets look for zippers that they can easily open. With an anti-theft backpack, they won’t be able to open your bag easily. 

Additionally, this feature also means that your bag is made of slash-proof durable material. No need to worry about getting slashed and stolen from.

Umbrella Pocket

An umbrella pocket can be found on the side of a smart backpack. You can store your umbrella and pull it out easily, rain or shine. This also allows you to travel hands-free.

The umbrella pocket is actually flexible. It can also double as a water bottle holder. That can be very helpful especially if you will be taking long walks in your urban travel.

Buy a Smart Backpack in Australia

Smart backpacks can do so many things. You can keep your items organized, charge gadgets conveniently, keep your valuables safe with anti-theft features, and enjoy your favourite music while you travel. 

Smart backpacks are designed to be convenient and sturdy that can last you for many travels.

Find the perfect smart backpack for you here that you can use on your next destination.

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