How To Avoid Theft While Backpacking

Backpacking is an adventurous way to travel. It is exploring foreign destinations while having everything you need in your backpack. The best way to enjoy backpacking is to keep your valuables safe.

It’s definitely hard to lose essential items in a place you are not familiar with. Here’s how you can avoid theft while backpacking.

Plan ahead.

Research your surroundings. Learn a little about your destination before you leave. You can read travel blogs or websites.

Save a copy of your destination’s map on your phone. That way, you won’t have to carry a physical map with you and obviously look like a tourist. It is also helpful to download language translator apps to help you get around easily.

Leave expensive non-essential items.

As much as possible, leave expensive items that you won’t be using everyday. One example is jewelry. It’s also best to avoid wearing flashy items like this in public.

If you don’t plan to work during vacation, then you might as well leave your laptop and tablet. You can use your phone to check your email when necessary.

Don’t carry all your cash.

Avoid walking around with all your cash in your wallet. If you have traveling companions, you can split some of your pocket money with them for safekeeping. It’s better to distribute them rather than keeping them all in one wallet which can be risky.

Alternatively, you can just carry little cash with you. This can be an amount that you will only need for the day. You can also opt for card payments or online banking.

Invest in a travel safe backpack.

Invest in anti-theft or travel safe backpacks. These are built to be really sturdy that it can hold all of your valuables yet feel comfortable on the back. When you are not traveling, you can also use them for work.

Theft proof backpacks have different security features to protect you from thieves. It includes cut-proof or slash-proof material so that you won’t have to worry about someone cutting your bag open with a knife. Another feature is RFID protection to keep your data and credit card information safe.

Carry a small bag.

Have a small bag that can carry important items such as your passport, IDs, and your wallet. This could be a small sling or a belt bag that you can keep close to your body. This will surely discourage pickpockets from stealing from you.

Make copies of your important documents.

Aside from having physical copies, take photos of your documents using your phone or scan them before your flight. These documents include your IDs, passport, visa, itinerary, credit card, bookings, and insurance. This way, even if you lose your papers, you have backup copies that you can access on your phone.

Act like a local.

Don’t wear flashy clothes and accessories that may attract too much attention to you. The best way to avoid theft is by blending in. Act like a local, dress like a local.

Travel Safely

Losing your valuables during travel can be stressful and troublesome. Protect yourself and your belongings by only packing the essentials and investing in a travel safe backpack. You will have a more enjoyable travel experience knowing that you are secured and well-prepared.

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