Best Waterproof Anti-Theft Bagpack For Rainy Season

If you are an adventurous camper or a commuter traveling long distances for work purposes or just a science collegian traversing long campus grounds you need a suitable bagpack to carry your belongings wherever you go.  And the bagpack has to offer protection from vagaries of weather and pickpockets. Your wallet, laptop, camera, passport or any other valuable documents or possessions should remain intact and safe within the bagpack. What better way to ensure this than by opting for an anti-theft water-proof bagpack?   

Water Proofing to be differentiated from Water Resistance

Varied bagpack fabrics offer varying levels of safeguards against water. Some will resist water for a while whereas others will prevent water from seeping into the bagpack no matter what. In a water resistance bagpack water will eventually seep into the bagpack damaging the contents. Water-proof bagpack will ensure that the contents remain dry and intact without being affected by water. So, it is essential that you realize the distinction between the two and make your purchase of the best waterproof anti-theft bagpack.

What are the features of best waterproof anti-theft bagpack

 In order for the bagpack to provide adequate protection against pickpockets and rains it needs to have the following features.

Reinforced seams: A waterproof bagpack will normally have some rubber or plastic content and this can cause the fabric to tear at the seams on putting too much pressure around that area. Hence, there has to be some bonding or welding at the seams to act as a reinforcement of sorts.

Pockets and compartments: It is better for the bagpack to have specialized compartments to ensure that every piece of the contents finds a proper and safe place within. The presence of hidden compartments helps in storing your valuable possessions like camera, cell phone, wallet etc. so that they remain inaccessible to thieves and do not get wet due to rains.

Closures: Waterproof bagpacks can be closed by way of zippers or by rolling them. Zippers have to be enclosed in a waterproof material and normally, the popular closure for such bags is the roll down method. This involves closing the top and rolling it down in order to latch it close. A combination of Velcro and roll down closure works best.

Secure Zippers & Fabric: The zippers should be sturdy and zipper tabs fastened with a combination lock system. This will afford best protection against pickpockets as none but you can have access to the contents. The fabric of the bagpack should be made of special material which cannot be slashed by thieves for accessing the items within.

Straps: It is necessary to ensure that the straps of the bagpack are made of waterproof material. Otherwise the wet straps can dampen or cause harm to the skin. 

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